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Credit Investigation Service


Credit Investigation Service has performed their services for over 15 years. We work with you to protect your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.


There is no law that says credit information about you has to be reported on your credit reports.  The Law is in your favor, it says information must be accurate in order to be placed on your credit reports. It is not illegal or immoral to eliminate inaccurate, obsolete or unverifiable mistakes on your credit reports.  In fact, the Federal Government, under the fair Credit Reporting Act, protects your right to do so. 

Did you know that one mistake on your credit reports could:

• Jeopardize the financing of a new home, apartment, car, or college education?

• Cost you a new job?

• Deny you life or auto insurance?

We provide personal, customized solutions for each credit repair case while striving for unprecedented customer service and support.  We offer comprehensive result based services that will effectively meet the needs of all our valued clients.

Federal law requires that credit-reporting agencies delete any information that is inaccurate, erroneous, or obsolete when it is brought to their attention. With this in mind, have you checked your credit file?